Frog and Toad Info Amphibians with no tail, frogs and toads have skin that is either dry and covered in warts or smooth and moist depending on the species. They do not have scales or claws and are equipped with short front legs and long muscular rear legs used for jumping or hopping. Contrary to… Read More


Non-poisonous Snake Info In the United States, there only a few species of snakes that are harmful which include copperheads, cottonmouths, coral snakes, rattlesnakes, and sea snakes. All poisonous snakes in the US are part of a group called pit vipers, and have ways in which to distinguish them from non-poisonous snakes. The first is… Read More


Lizard Info In North America, there are about 155 species of lizards in 8 different families, many of which are harmless, but some that can be pests in the garden. Perhaps it is their reptile heritage that people find unsettling about lizards, but many people are afraid of their erratic movements and want to keep… Read More