Lerp Psyllid Info Discovered in Los Angeles in 1998, the lerp psyllid is a native of Australia that is also found in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii and Mexico. Feeding solely on Eucalyptus, it has been shown to be a formidable invader, capable of living under a number of conditions. It poses a great threat to Eucalyptus… Read More


Midge Info Anybody that lives near a pond or body of slow-moving water is probably familiar with the midge. Often people that live in these areas are swarmed by midges, which are flies that resemble and are often mistaken for mosquitoes. There are more than 800 species of midges in North America alone, which belong… Read More


Green Lacewing Info A predatory insect for many garden pests, the green lacewing is an exceptional addition to any natural pest management program. Common in most of North America, green lacewings live in fields, gardens, and forests. Adults feed primarily on aphids, nectar, pollen and honeydew produced by aphids. Although adults are not predatory, their… Read More


Fungus Gnat Info When most people use the term “gnat”, they are referring to small, long-legged insects that usually refer to fruit flies or fungus gnats. Fungus gnats are tiny flies with long legs and long thin wings with vein patterns. They are a common pest for outdoor plants, especially in areas with high humidity.… Read More

Cluster Fly Info Cluster flies, which are often confused with house flies, are common in the northern United States and throughout the rest of the world. Slightly larger than house flies, cluster flies appear inside homes during the fall months when the weather gets cooler. They enter homes through cracks in walls, through weather stripping… Read More


Blowfly Info Known for the way in which its larvae infests rotting animal carcasses, the blowfly is a large family of fly found worldwide. Occurring in nearly any area inhabited by humans, blowflies are slightly larger than common houseflies and are blue or green in color with a metallic sheen. There are more than 1,200… Read More


About Snake Flies Snake flies are part of an order of insect known as Raphidoptera, which are considered living fossils dating back over 140 million years ago. Adults have strong mouthparts and compound eyes, while females have a long ovipositor used to deposit eggs into small cracks and crevices of rotting wood. They are usually… Read More


While the term “parasitic fly” may seem like a pest species, there are many species that are actually beneficial.  The most common order of parasitic fly in the world is the Tachinidae, with more than 8,200 known species found worldwide, and over 1,300 found in North America alone. The larvae of most of the members… Read More


About House Flies Flies are one of the most common household pests worldwide, many of which transmit a number of diseases. The most common types of fly found in the home are known as “filth flies”, which breed in garbage, feces, and rotten food. Flies can mature in as little as ten days, which can… Read More