Insects And Other Bugs – the Backyard Invaders

  • Beetles: Interesting Facts

    The beetles comprise perhaps the largest and most diverse group in the entire insect world, so it stands to reason they offer some of the greatest oddities. From glow worms to wire worms, rhino beetles to blister beetles, you’ll learn a lot of little facts about them.

  • Bugs in the Pool

    If you can’t go to the local swimmin’ hole, perhaps the swimmin’ hole can come to you. Your backyard pool can be visited by a number of insects that stop by for a cool respite, and perhaps hang around a few days. What can you do about this party?

  • Butterflies & Moths: Interesting Facts

    Possibly the loveliest and most cherished of the insect groups, these symbols of springtime also offer interesting tidbits on their lives and habits. Stop here for more insect trivia.

  • Click Beetles

    An odd but very descriptive name for an interesting family of beetles. These insects can jump, but oddly they do so when they are upside down and seemingly helpless. Some kinds even light up like flying sparks. Read about click beetles and why you may see them in the home.

  • Earthworms

    You can love them or you can hate them. Earthworms are highly beneficial for the health of our soil, but they also can create annoying problems, with their piles of dirt and their bodies all over the patio. Learn why they do what they do, and explore solutions here.

  • European Paper Wasp

    Have you noticed some unusual wasp activity around your home lately? Perhaps your yard is now being invaded by one of the newest imports to the United States, a paper wasps species from Europe that has rapidly spread across the country. Read how this wasp can impact your landscape and our environment.

  • Fireflies & Lightning Beetles

    Everyone easily forms the picture in their mind of a child with a jar full of summertime fireflies. But where does the light come from and why? Is it really a “fly”. Where do we find them. Fun article about a wonderful insect group.

  • Identification of Insects

    With well over 1 million different kinds of insects already described, and estimates of maybe 10 times that still waiting to be discovered, how do you go about finding someone to tell you what kind of bug you have found in your yard or home? Here are some hints to make it easy on you.

  • Sharing Your House for the Winter

    Once upon a time there was a cave, and insects found refuge in the cave for their survival of winter weather. The modern day caves are our homes, and a whole procession of bugs may find their way in. Here are many of the common ones for you to learn about.

  • Strange Worms

    When we think of a “worm” we picture the useful earthworm, but Nature has provided far more than this for us to find in our yards. Perhaps you’ll find the answer to your question here, of “what the heck is that thing?”