Insects & Mites That Damage Your Trees and Shrubs

  • Galls on Plants: You Mean THAT'S An Insect?

    You may think it’s a seed pod, but a great many of the strange lumps and growths on the leaves and stems of plants are actually caused by insects. They may jump, they may look like pieces of candy, and they may be as big as baseballs. This is a fun topic.

  • Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter

    Wine fanciers beware. Another threat has emerged that can destroy an industry, and in fact this bug may feed on many dozens of other kinds of plants, infecting them with a disease that kills them.

  • Leaf-cutting Bees

    You look at your garden plants and find large sections of leaves mysteriously disappearing. Big, circular pieces have been removed for unknown reasons by unknown things. Could this be the work of the ambitious little leaf-cutting bees? Read more to find out.

  • Lerp Psyllids on Eucalyptus Trees

    It seems like every year we are told of a new insect invader to the U.S., and this one makes its presence known by the mess it leaves on cars below it. Learn about this little pest of eucalyptus trees.

  • Scale Insects

    They don’t look like an insect at all, but they are – those sticky lumps you often find on leaves or stems, sometimes dripping goo onto the leaves and ground below them. Scales can harm your plants, and this will help you recognize them and deal with them.

  • Those Boring Beetles

    Your trees are at risk, for there are many insects that want to eat it, from the leaves right down to the roots. Those that burrow into the trunk and branches are covered here, along with their potential to kill the trees and what options you have for stopping them.