Beneficial Insects – the Parasites and Predators

  • Helpful Beetles

    When you see that bug scurry across your carpet or your toes when you are working in the garden, do you know if it’s friend or foe? Can it hurt you? Is it desirable in the garden? Here we’ll cover a few of the common ones that you do want around.

  • Lacewings

    You have some help in your garden in your effort to keep bugs off your prized plants. Many insects feed on other insects such as aphids, but we are often limited in our knowledge of insects and don’t know how to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Lacewings are the Good Guys, and you can learn about them and how to identify them here.

  • Ladybugs

    The subject of nursery rhymes and movies these colorful little beetles are one of the most desirable kinds to encourage in your garden. They also have another side to