Pest Control Materials And Methods

  • A Basic Primer on Pesticides

    Just exactly what constitutes a “pesticide”? You hear a great deal about pest control products, and understanding them will help you make decisions on their use and their future. Here is a start on ironing out the confusion.

  • Do Ultrasonic Boxes Really Work?

    You see them advertised everywhere and for repelling everything you don’t want around. But, do they really do what you are paying for? Unbiased information backed up by University research and opinions on these magic boxes.

  • Glue Traps: How to Deal With the Glue

    The use of sticky traps to catch rodents and insects is a common practice. It’s also not uncommon for the wrong animals, or children, to get the traps stuck on them. Is this dangerous? Is it toxic? How do I get that awful glue off of them? Here are some answers.

  • Green Pest Control

    Green Pest Management has its place in this trend, and some insights to GPM are offered here.

  • Non-toxic Pesticides? Unraveling The Claims

    The internet and retail store shelves may offer “non-toxic” and “safe” chemicals for controlling pests. Is there any such thing as a non-toxic pesticide. For your own safety learn more about this issue in this article.

  • Preventing Problems With Pests

    Our goal, around our home, is to enjoy the home without unwanted critters moving in with us. We can appreciate them in the garden, but not in our attic. Your best long-term satisfaction must include prevention and exclusion, and it can begin with reading this article.

  • Putting Pesticides Into Perspective

    How often do you read anything in the popular media that tells the positive side to pesticides? If they are only bad why do we use them? These products have provided us with tremendous benefits, and understanding this will help you decide whether or not they are needed.

  • Using Pesticides Properly

    Pesticides can be extremely useful materials for ridding your home or landscape of unwanted, unhealthy, or even dangerous pest insects, weeds, and rodents. Should you choose to use these products yourself it is important to understand some safety guidelines. Using pesticides properly will help keep them from causing harm to you, your pets, or the environment around you.