Arachnids – The Spiders and Other Non-Insect Bugs

  • A Spider in the Toilet

    Is it Fact or is it Fantasy? This scary story makes the rounds every few years on the Internet, and separating truth from fiction can be important for your peace of mind.

  • Black Widows

    Do spiders give you the creeps? If so, then this spider likely is one that can send the biggest shiver up your spine, with it's long legs, shiny appearance, and terrible reputation. Learn about the habits and hazards of black widow spiders.

  • Jumping Spiders

    Perhaps the most advanced spiders of them all, you likely have watched them watching you. Jumping spiders are common, pretty, and very beneficial.

  • Scorpions: Are They Dangerous?

    Scorpions have the ability to scare people very badly. They definitely are venomous and yes, some of them are dangerous to us. This article discusses these otherwise beneficial critters and helps you understand how to deal with them.

  • Spiders: Interesting Facts

    Spiders are the object of many movies and scary accounts that make you shiver, but they are some of the most fascinating animals in Nature. Here is a list of many of their strange feats and abilities that may help you appreciate them a bit more.

  • Sun Scorpions: Camel Spiders

    Another scary story that makes the Internet airwaves, driving fear into the hearts of those who read about it. But, did you know we have Camel Spiders all over the U.S.? A fun article about a very interesting predator.

  • The Violin Spider (Brown Recluse)

    Once more the reality is not nearly as interesting as the legend that has grown around a bug. Do you have violin spiders in your home? Are you at risk of losing limbs to their bites? Read here and find out.