Birds, Rodents And Other Vertebrates

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  • + Birds Around Home and Garden
      Birds Can Be Pests

      Nothing says “Springtime” like the chirping of birds in the garden. But, sometimes birds can pose problems for people too, and when they do it can be frustrating figuring out how to make them go away. Here are some thoughts that help put “pest birds” into perspective.

  • + Rats, Mice, and Bats That Invade Your Home
      A Mouse in the House

      They are cute, but are they desirable? It is important to understand the potential problems that mice can cause when they live with us. Learn about mice and how best to prevent them from getting into your homes.

      Bats: Getting Them Out

      These animals are of great benefit to us with their insect-eating habits. However, they often find our attics and walls to be great places to stay, and there are problems and health risks associated with this co-existence. You can’t kill them, so what are your options for getting them to leave?

      Hantavirus and Arenavirus

      These recently identified and potentially deadly diseases are associated with the droppings and urine of rodents. These rodents often live around and in homes. Just what precautions you should take are covered in this important article.

      Rats and Human History

      While the U.S. currently enjoys relatively few deaths and disease outbreaks from bugs and rodents, it has not always been that way. The history of the world has been altered many times by the critters we call “pests”, and it pays not to forget history.

  • + Snakes, Lizards, and Frogs in the Landscape
      Frogs and Toads

      While some people may be repulsed by them, due to some misunderstandings about them, these amphibians are wonderful companions to have in your garden. Learn about the benefits and lives of frogs and toads.

      Lizards in the Garden

      Another group of animals that provide tremendous benefit to us, and which should be encouraged to live in our landscape. These lovely creatures happily gulp down insects we don’t want around us, and they have fascinating lives.

      Snakes - the Non-venomous Ones

      Snakes are one of the most hated groups of animals we encounter, and yet only a few kinds truly are of concern. This article discusses some of the benefits of having snakes in our landscapes, and offers a look at a few of the non-venomous varieties.

  • + Vertebrate Pests – The Fur-bearing Animals
      Gophers - to Tolerate or to Eliminate?

      They work in the dark, but they certainly let you know they’ve been there. Those huge piles of dirt can be a problem, and dealing with gophers is discussed here.

      Living with Wildlife: Deer

      Despite their beauty and our love of nature, living with wildlife often has its pitfalls. The presence of deer in the garden can be bad for our plants and our health.

      Living with Wildlife: The Skunk

      There’s no mistaking their presence, and if your pet has ever come nose to nose with one you recognize the need to keep them away. How to deal with these curious and common mammals is covered.

      The Mole

      Another Denizen of the Dark, moles provide some benefit by eating grubs and other insects in the soil. But, they also cause serious damage to lawns and gardens, and you’ll get insights to their lives and their control.