Insects and Other Bugs – Predators

  • Ant Lions

    These fascinating insects are all around us, and you very likely have walked past evidence of them many times without realizing what they were. Hollywood seems to have used them as the model for some of their futuristic ideas. Another helpful animal in the incredible world of insect diversity.

  • Eating Insects

    While we in North America might never knowingly eat bugs, in many countries of the world they are considered important parts of the human diet, perhaps even delicacies. Take this fascinating tour through the world of Insects As Food, and learn more about the topic.

  • Predatory Mites

    Not all mites are bad, although it is easy to think they must be, given the many kinds that feed on your plants or on your blood and skin. But, this large group of arthropods has an equally diverse number of life styles, including some common and noticeable kinds that prey on other mites.