Wood Damaging Pests of Structures

  • Carpenter Ants

    They are big, they are busy, and they work at night, roaming through your home and chewing into the wood in the walls. Carpenter ants are some of the largest ants you may see in your home and yard, with the potential to cause damage you want to avoid. Learn about them in this article.

  • Scary Horntail Wasps

    Ever have that big bug flying around in your home, and wonder where it came from. Sometimes they come out of the wood your home is made from, and now the question is – should we be worried? Good information on these big wasps is presented here.

  • Termites: Interesting Facts

    These busy little bugs work non-stop, 24 hours each day, gathering food materials for the benefit of their growing colony. They may be destructive to our homes but they live fascinating lives too.

  • Termites: Termite Baiting for Control

    Like all industries the pest management industry enjoys new advances and technologies, and eliminating termites with bait products has become a common practice. It also is subject to a lot of misunderstanding, which we hope to clear up with this article.

  • Termites: The Drywood Termite

    They come in a variety of names, but a lot of termites seem determined to eat your most important investment – your home. These termites are a major reason you see homes covered with colorful tarps, and now you can read about the reasons for this.

  • Termites: The Formosan Termite

    One of the many imported insects now established in the U.S., this termite species is well known for its potential to destroy our homes in rapid fashion. You’ll get a better understanding of what it is, what it can do, and how we can control it here.

  • Termites: Understanding Termite Basics

    The key to making good decisions begins with understanding the enemy, and termites are very secretive in their habits. We discuss the different kinds that your home may face, how they live their lives, and what this means to you when you are told you have them in your home.

  • Wood Mulch and Termites

    Are you afraid to buy mulch products for your garden? Perhaps you read the frightening scenario that terrible termites are being sold in wood mulch products. Read the truth about yet another internet hoax traveling around the electronic airwaves.