Snakes, Lizards, and Frogs in the Landscape

  • Frogs and Toads

    While some people may be repulsed by them, due to some misunderstandings about them, these amphibians are wonderful companions to have in your garden. Learn about the benefits and lives of frogs and toads.

  • Lizards in the Garden

    Another group of animals that provide tremendous benefit to us, and which should be encouraged to live in our landscape. These lovely creatures happily gulp down insects we don’t want around us, and they have fascinating lives.

  • Snakes - the Non-venomous Ones

    Snakes are one of the most hated groups of animals we encounter, and yet only a few kinds truly are of concern. This article discusses some of the benefits of having snakes in our landscapes, and offers a look at a few of the non-venomous varieties.