Recycling – the Role of Insects in Nature

  • Beetles in Dead Trees

    While we often hear of the terrible damage beetles can do when they bore into trees, insects also play a vital role in turning dead trees into useful nutrients. Here we discuss these beneficial insects and help you identify the ones you might see.

  • Good Bugs, Bad Bugs?

    With thousands of different kinds of bugs living around us, how do we tell the good ones from the pesky ones? The helpful roles of some common insects are covered so you can make the right decisions when you see them.

  • Roadkill Cafe & Its Guests

    What could be more disgusting than a mass of writhing maggots? Still, these insects have a job to do, and without them and their feeding activities we’d have a serious problem in Nature. Humans have also found maggots to be pretty useful in some unusual ways.