Insects That Feed on Humans – the Blood Suckers

  • Bed Bugs – Preventing The Problem

    The resurgence of an old enemy – The Common Bed Bug – is now a well known fact in North America, and with the reoccurrence of this pest comes an onslaught of false information about it. Learn the truth about some of these myths in this BugInfo article.

  • Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

    Maybe you’ve read about them in the news yourself, but Bedbugs Are Back. After a 60 year virtual absence in the U.S. we now are finding these blood suckers commonly throughout the country, and your options for preventing them and dealing with them are discussed.

  • Fleas: Flea Control

    We can call them “cat” or “dog” fleas, but for the hungry flea a meal is a meal, and people are going to work just fine. There are many options for control, and working closely with a professional may give you the best answer for eliminating them.

  • Fleas: Interesting Facts

    Once again we hate them, but cannot help but be impressed by the things they do, including the human death toll they are responsible for. A number of interesting aspects of their lives and capabilities are in here.

  • Mites: So, You Think You Have Mites?

    Something is biting you? Well, maybe and maybe not, for our imaginations are powerful things. There certainly can be mites, but there are many different kinds. Do you have them or not? are some hints.

  • Mosquitoes: Biology & Prevention

    Without a doubt one of the most terrible tragedies of humans throughout our history has been the untold millions who have died from diseases spread by mosquitoes. It is more important now than ever to understand these insects and how to prevent them in your yards and homes.

  • Mosquitoes: Interesting Facts

    For such tiny little critters mosquitoes sure spread a lot of misery. These efficient animals have some amazing capabilities, and you’ll better understand why they can do what they do with this information.

  • Mosquitoes: West Nile Virus

    A disease that has swept across North America in just a few short years, killing millions of birds, thousands of horses, and a great many humans. Where did it come from, how is it spread, and how can we prevent the disease for ourselves and our family?

  • People and Lice

    How lucky can we be, having three of our very own kinds of lice to feed on us? The problem is in knowing exactly what to do when you are diagnosed with these parasites, and how to decide what steps are and are not needed in controlling them.

  • Ticks: Lyme Disease

    One of several “new” diseases spread from bugs to people, Lyme Disease can cause serious health problems that persist and worsen for years. An understanding of the ticks and avoiding being bitten is a first line of defense.