European Honey Bee Info Also known as the western honey bee, the European honey bee is a valuable species for honey production and pollinating. Because of this, they are one of the most popular bee species found throughout the world, especially in domesticated colonies. Similar in size and appearance to the Africanized honey bee or… Read More


Leaf-Cutting Bee Info Seen as a nuisance by some gardeners, leaf-cutting bees make half-moon shaped cuts out of leaves, which can make a mess out of some gardens. These bees do not eat the leaves, but rather they use it to make cells for the young within the bee nest. Unlike many other species of… Read More


Solitary Bee Info For many of us there are two kinds of bees: honeybees and bumblebees. However, the fact is that there are thousands of different kinds of bees in the world, and a great many different kinds in North America. It is only the honeybee and the various species of bumblebees that are social… Read More