Articles For Moths

  • Clothes Moths
  • You found a hole in your sweater and wonder how it got there. You have a moth flying around your reading light and wonder if there is a connection. Could it be you have moths eating your clothes? Read this article to unravel some of the mystery of these tiny little creatures with that big reputation.

  • Butterflies & Moths: Interesting Facts
  • Possibly the loveliest and most cherished of the insect groups, these symbols of springtime also offer interesting tidbits on their lives and habits. Stop here for more insect trivia.

  • Stinging Caterpillars
  • Nature is filled with toxic things, and in many plants and animals it is their way of keeping from being eaten. The “puss” caterpillars are lovely to behold but terrible to touch, and you’ll learn about them here.

  • Moth Pests of Our Food
  • Bugs may be part of the diet in some parts of the world, but not here in the U.S. When you find critters enjoying the foods in your cupboards what should you do? How bad can it get? What else can they feed on?