Articles For Mites

  • Mites: So, You Think You Have Mites?
  • Something is biting you? Well, maybe and maybe not, for our imaginations are powerful things. There certainly can be mites, but there are many different kinds. Do you have them or not? are some hints.

  • Collembola Mites?
  • Many insects are parasites of humans and animals, often feeding on our blood. Springtails are not one of these, and yet many internet sites will talk about “Collembola Mites” as a newly discovered human parasite. Read the facts about these harmless, beneficial insects. There are plenty of true parasites available. We don’t have to fabricate new ones.

  • Predatory Mites
  • Not all mites are bad, although it is easy to think they must be, given the many kinds that feed on your plants or on your blood and skin. But, this large group of arthropods has an equally diverse number of life styles, including some common and noticeable kinds that prey on other mites.