Articles For Mice

  • A Mouse in the House
  • They are cute, but are they desirable? It is important to understand the potential problems that mice can cause when they live with us. Learn about mice and how best to prevent them from getting into your homes.

  • Hantavirus and Arenavirus
  • These recently identified and potentially deadly diseases are associated with the droppings and urine of rodents. These rodents often live around and in homes. Just what precautions you should take are covered in this important article.

  • Glue Traps: How to Deal With the Glue
  • The use of sticky traps to catch rodents and insects is a common practice. It’s also not uncommon for the wrong animals, or children, to get the traps stuck on them. Is this dangerous? Is it toxic? How do I get that awful glue off of them? Here are some answers.