Carpenter Ant Info Carpenter ants are large ants found in many forested parts of the world. They nest inside wood galleries, mainly in wet and rotting wood, which they chew out with their strong jaws. They can also be found in wood buildings, and can cause major structural damage. The most common species of carpenter… Read More


Red Imported Fire Ant Info When we speak of fire ants, particularly those of you that have had personal encounters with them, we are generally speaking of one particular kind: the red imported fire ant. The fire ants are given this name because when they sting, there is an instant, intense, burning pain associated with… Read More


White-footed Ant Info The white-footed ant’s name comes from the distinctive white ends of their legs. A native species of Japan, scientists believe that the ant began “hitchhiking” to other parts of the world as early as 1922. Today, the white-footed ant is found primarily in Asia, but has migrated all the way to Florida… Read More

Adult Ant Lion Close Up

About Ant Lions: Ant lion is an insect known for its predatory larvae that are also referred to as doodlebugs. These ant lion/ doodlebugs are in the Myrmeleontidae family. As adults these insects become long winged with fine veins running throughout. This feature earns them a place in the category of Neuroptera, or “nerve winged,”… Read More